In addition to the sterilization and infection control procedures, you may notice a few changes at your visit.



  • SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS ONLY:  Your appointments will be scheduled to allow for social distancing between patients (that might mean that fewer appointment slots are available for scheduling your appointment).
  • REDUCED WAITING TIME: We’re doing our best to reduce waiting times for you and reduce the number of patients in the reception area at any one time.Moreover, books & magazines have been removed temporarily from our waiting rooms for infection control purposes.


  • SCREENING FOR COVID: Our staff will ask you few questions when you are in the clinic and we will record your temperature and if necessary, peripheral oxygen saturation.
  • SANITIZATION: We frequently and proactively clean and sanitize our waiting rooms, operatory area, door handles, etc.
  • HAND SANITIZER will be available at reception as well as operatory area. Our staff and patient are encouraged to use it frequently!



  • HEPA FILTER (H-14) As dental patient has to remove mask for dental procedure, the question arises about safety of dental procedures in this pandemic situation. In such cases, air purifiers are helpful equipment. According to a research study conducted at KITASATO INSTITUTE MEDICAL CENTRE, air purifier with the plasma cluster ion technology can filter and kill COVID aerosols. At DentaSculpt Dental Clinic & Implant Centre, we never compromise to prevent cross contamination and increasing patient safety. We use the world best air purifier (SHARP) to control COVID aerosols.
  • Disinfection of operatory using UV (UltraViolet) C light and OZONE

What Our staff does after each appointment

  • Removes all barriers used on chairs
  • Sanitizes chairs and working areas
  • Places the new barriers on all touch points at dental chairs.
  • Cleans the floor and all touch points (door handles etc) with disinfectant.
  • Places sterilized packed instrument set.

Our staff is committed to maintaining best hygiene. We are ready to safely provide you with the high-quality, comprehensive care you’ve come to expect.

  • Only one accompanying persons (parent/guardian) is allowed at clinic with minors/ elderly. Limit bringing accompanying persons when not necessary.
  • Patients experiencing a temperature, cough, or other COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted in our clinic. Thank you for your cooperation!

We sterilize everything that is used in procedures. We follow 5 tier sterilization/disinfection protocol

  1. All disposable items are disposed in proper biomedical waste bag
  2. All instruments are cleaned with disinfectant solutions/soap solution & ultrasonic cleansers
  3. Cleaned instruments are packed in autoclave pouches.
  4. Sterilization of packed instruments is completed with AUTOCLAVE
  5. All autoclaved instruments are stored properly in cabinets

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