Wisdom molars grow out in young adults. In many instances, the wisdom tooth can grow in an awkward position resulting in pain or infection. Mostly, this occurs due to lack of space in jaws, hence they need to be removed.

Procedure for removal

1. DO NOT COME EMPTY STOMACH for any procedure involving anesthesia. Take lunch/dinner/snacks before reporting at clinic.

2. If needed,

we will prescribe medicines which is to be started before procedure of removal.

3. At appointment.

We make the tooth numb to put you at ease.

4. We will use our best surgical skills to remove your tooth. The procedure may take 15 min to 1 hour.


Charges for removal of wisdom molar depends on angulation of teeth and level of tissue involved. After clinical &/or x-ray examinations, we will give you exact estimate for your surgery. Our clinic is transparent with all procedure costs.

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