Dentaltooth colored fillings are a type of restoration. Once we removed decay, we fill the space with tooth colored filling. At DentaSculpt Dental Clinic, we use only recognized trusted brands for dental fillings. Fillings are also useful to repair cracked or broken teeth
Composite resin filling are one of the most widely used material for tooth colored filling. Once the decay is removed, we will match the shade of natural teeth with filling. These fillings typically last for 5 to 7 years, or even more. They require polishing often. With proper oral care, fillings can last even more. 
These are another type of material used often along with composite resin filling. These are often reinforced (mixed) with composite resin to enhance life span of fillings. There are certain areas of teeth in mouth which require these fillings. Less cosmetic, however, but these are right material sometimes. 
If you have cavities, contact DentaSculpt Dental Clinic today. Getting fillings will help protect your teeth and prevent further damage. 


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