Dental implants are titanium screw that are place in jaw bone to which artificial teeth are attached giving patient fixed teeth.
You are a candidate for dental implants if,
  • Missing a single tooth.
  • Missing multiple tooth in a jaw
  • Missing all teeth in jaws
CONSULTATION : first step is to decide whether you have enough bone available in jaws for implant placement. After consultation, if necessary, we suggest you to undergo a CONE BEAM CT SCAN i.e., CBCT, which shows three dimensional view of bone available in jaws.



The procedure is divided in two stages and over a period of few months.

Stage I : Implant placement where planned dental implant is placed in jaws under local anaesthesia.

Stage 2 : After THREE MONTHS, We commence with the procedure for placing crown or bridge or fixed teeth on implants. This may require multiple visit depending on case.

In selected cases, & especially in cosmetic zone, we give fixed teeth in 1 to 3 days. This can be decided after proper evaluation of bone and clinical condition of patient.
In patient with less bone height available in posterior teeth, these are convenient option for proving fixed teeth.
Q: Is the surgery of placing dental implant painful?
A: No, it is usually done under local anesthesia. Once the anesthesia takes effect, you should not feel pain or discomfort.
Q: What can I expect after the effect of anesthesia is over?
A: Generally healing is quick and un-eventful after implant surgery. You can expect some minor discomfort, which can generally be managed with prescribed medicines.
Q: How long is the procedcure to place dental implants?
A: It depends on the number of the implants. Simple, dental implant procedure for 1 to 3 implants placement usually takes less than an hour.
Q: What are restrictions after implant surgery?
A: You should not eat for 3 hrs post procedure. You can eat soft, nutritious foods and keep well hydrated after surgery. We will explain how to care for your new implants during healing.
Q: What is the healing period after implant placement?
A: The entire process usually takes about 3 months approximately, depending on your treatment plan.
Q: How long the dental implants last?
A: Once a dental implant has fused to the bone successfully (integrated to bone) and it is functional, it should last many years if cared for properly. However, periodic dental visit for follow up are mandatory.
Q: If the dental implant is rejected my body, what is then?
A: Allergy to titanium is extraordinarily rare, so as rejection, but it can happen. Occasionally an implant also does not fuse to the bone the first time. In such case, it is simply removed and the site is allowed to heal. Then we can place another implant, which will integrate with the bone normally.
Q: What are the expense involved in dental implant?
A : Dental implant cost differs from case to case & make of implants.. We will give you exact estimate after premiliminary evaluation of jaw condition and CBCT examination

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